Necessity banknotes issued by the Chambers of Commerce of the towns of La Rochelle and Rouen and by the Caisse d Epargne de Maubeuge, 1914-1918.

To address the currency shortage, the French government authorized, as early as 1914, the issuing of necessity money by public or private institutions. Necessity banknotes were principally issued by the Chambers of Commerce, certain municipalities as well as savings banks by way of derogation from Banque de France s exclusive right to issue. These banknotes were gradually exchanged for the corresponding coins during the post-war period and were withdrawn from circulation in 1926.

HSBC France, Historical Archives Department, Collection of the Crédit Commercial de France. Historical Archives of the Caisse d Epargne Nord France Europe, Collection of the Caisse d Epargne de Maubeuge.