µ Convalescing soldiers and medical personnel at Auxiliary Hospital 124, Crédit Commercial de France, 1917.

To make up for the shortage of public health establishments, auxiliary hospitals were set up in schools, hotels, dispensaries and convents. As early as 1914, Crédit Commercial de France made available its premises on Rue La Fayette in Paris and covered the operational costs of the hospital, run by the Union des Femmes de France, an aid society of the French Red Cross.

HSBC France, Historical Archives Department, Collection of the Crédit Commercial de France.

Haussmann Memorial.

War Memorial for both world wars, located at no. 29 Boulevard Haussmann in Paris, at the head office of Société Générale. Inaugurated on November 11, 1948.

Société Générale, Historical Archives. Department.© Jean-Marie Cras

« LFrom France to its Defenders , medal engraved by Hippolyte Lefebvre (1863-1935), [1914].

Engraved in honour of the war veterans, the obverse of the medal depicts La République wearing an Adrian helmet adorned with a laurel branch. On the reverse, a cross with the legend Patrie, Humanité (Homeland, Humanity) gleams above a battlefield.

Historical Archives of the Caisse d Epargne Rhône-Alpes, Collection of the Caisse d Epargne de Lyon.

Medal honouring Louis Quinton, who died for France on 21 October 1915

Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas honoured its employees lost in battle by offering the families of the deceased a custom medal inscribed with the employee s name, the date the employee joined the bank, and the employee s date of death.

BNP Paribas, Historical Archives, Paribas Collection.