This exhibition was created by the working

group Banques 14-18 , part of the Association of French Archivists, using

the archival collections of five banking institutions and of the French Centre for

Economic and Financial Archives (CAEF). Produced in the context of the WWI

commemorations, the exhibition will be presented in different venues, both

public and private, as of January 2015.

Scientific Commission : Roger Nougaret, Christiane de Fleurieu.

Crédit Agricole S.A., Historical Archives Department: Anne Brunterc h, Pascal Pénot. Fédération nationale des Caisses

d épargne, Department for the

Promotion of Historical Heritage: Laure de Llamby, Dominique Blivet. HSBC France, Historical Archives Department: Stéphanie Billonneau. Société Générale, Historical Archives Department: Farid Ameur, Cathy Drévillon.

Ministries of the Economy and Finance, Economic and Financial Archives Department : Agnès

D Angio-Barros, Marie Laperdrix.

Administrative and technical coordination :

Cathy Drévillon.

The working group would like to thank: Mr. Patrice Baubeau, Lecturer, and Professors Hubert Bonin, Éric Bussière et Michel Lescure for their advice and editing work.

Exhibition design and graphic arts:

Collectif Au fond à gauche

(Bruno Charzat, Guillaume Lanneau).

Furniture, lighting and decor :

Lux machina.

Exhibition prints :

72/78 Contrast numérix.


Vidéo :

Matea Ilieva.

Archival reading :

Hervé Barret.

Editorial supervision :

Sophie Pollez.

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to all those who helped with this project, including the interns and

work-study participants from the various historical archives departments: Cloé

Boivin, Erika Frixon, Josselin Lostec, Manuel Mingot Nicaise, Carole Rieb, Katia Vernus; the members of the IGPDE team at the Ministries of the Economy and Finance, particularly Fabien Cardoni;

and the team of permanent members

of the Association of French Archivists,

Alice Grippon and Nicolas Didon.