Branch of the Comptoir National d Escompte de Paris (CNEP) in Oloron (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), loan subscription day, postcard, 1918.

People crowd in front of the CNEP Oloron branch to subscribe to the 4th National Defence Loan, issued in October 1918. The branch displays on its facade the famous Alsace- Lorraine poster commissioned by the bank from Auguste Leroux (1871-1954), which gives an indication of when the photo was taken. To ensure the operation s success, no bank fees were charged, as stated on the large banner hanging from the building s balcony.

Paribas, Historical Archives, Postcard Collection.

Artist, Bruno Chavannaz

To return the whole of France sweet land to us , 4th National Defence Loan, Société Générale, 1918.

This poster, which encourages the citizens of France to subscribe to the 4th National Defence Loan, depicts a peasant woman labouring in the fields, with in the background the promise of an imminent renewal: the decisive victory of the Allied troops expelling the enemy from France s borders in one final push.

Société Générale, Historical Archives Department..

Artiste, Camille Aurisse

Putting an end to it once and for all! , 4th National Defence Loan, Banque Alleaume, 1918.

With a sword piercing the German Imperial Eagle, this poster from a now defunct Parisian bank dramatically illustrates the sprit of the 1918 Liberation Loan.

Ministries of the Economy and Finance, Economic and Financial Archives Department.